Department of BIOCHEMISTRY


Department of BIOCHEMISTRY | Overview

Postgraduates work on regular symposium, seminar & CME programmes, and Classes, seminars and tests are carried out for under graduates.

Our Vision
To make excellent quality of the defining element of biochemistry education in india through a constant effort  and creating confident motivation among staff and students.

Our Mission
To provide the academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching and learning and research in biochemistry.
To encourage self evaluation accountability aautonomy and innovation in higher education.
To undertake quality related research studies , consultancy  and training programs for evaluation, promotion and sustenance.

Our Objectives
To create a learning environment to impart knowledge of biochemistry to medical students at ug and pg level.
Tointegrate knowledge of biochemistry with enough skills to develop the students’ professionalism.
To develop infrastructure for facilitation of research in biochemistry.
To provide laboratory support services to clinical departments for patient care and conducting research.


Accredited by NAAC

Recognised by MCI

Pre Accredited by NABH

Accredited by TMC

UGC Recognised