Department of Physiology


Department of Physiology | Overview

The Department of Physiology was established In 1996. It is a well equipped department with good infrastructure  and has all required basic facilities. Regular theory and practical classes are conducted and students are given assignment on the same. Students seminars are conducted on weekly basis and topics already taught by the teachers are given. Monthly assessment examinations for the students (both theory and practical) are conducted. The department has produced the best exam results in Ist year MBBS for the past 5 years and the average pass percentage in past 4 years is 95% .

Research activities on pulmonary function using spirometer and autonomic function using Heart Rate Variability are carried out. Quiz programmes are conducted once in two months on the topics covered. The students participate in them with full enthusiasm. Group discussion and chart discussion are also done weekly. Students are given project works like chart making to promote team work and interest on the subject.

Our Vision
To become a postgraduate department – MD Physiology
To inculcate capacity building
Conducting relevant community based and occupational researches.
Create and maintain linkages with local and foreign institutions to share informatics and technology and collaborate in researches.

Our Mission
Introduce the concept of professionalism.
Improvement of the research activities is the target aim of the staff members in the department.
To improve the learning and education of Physiology in integrative manner with basic medical sciences & Clinical subjects healthcare for all.

Objectives of the Department
Teaching the normal functions of organ systems in the humans.
To teach various regulatory mechanisms and their integration in homeostasis.
To impart basic laboratory investigations skills relevant for the rural setup.
Approach to the patient with humanity and compassion.


Accredited by NAAC

Recognised by MCI

Pre Accredited by NABH

Accredited by TMC

UGC Recognised