Department of Anesthesiology


Department of Anesthesiology | Overview

The Department Of Anesthesiology And Pain Management, established in 1996 has 10 state of the art operation theatres spread over an approximate area of 3000 sq.ft which handles a variety of surgical patients of orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology as well as specialties like  neurosurgery, plastic surgery and onco-surgery. The wide spectrum of cases integrated with clinical research & education enables us to provide proper training and education of post graduate and unfer graduate students. The department caters to all emergency surgeries and management of critically ill patients of the hospital round the clock, through out the year.

The department is well equipped with modern anesthesia work stations with gas monitoring; central pipe line system and newer gadgets like fibre optic bronchoscope.  LMA classic, proseal LMA  of all sizes are available which allows administration of anesthesia without intubating the patient. Neuromuscular Monitor and nerve locator are also available which  helps to precisely titrate NMB for GA and accurate localization of nerve plexuses for RA. MuItiparameter vital sign monitors are available with each anesthesia machine for continuous monitoring of ECG, Blood Pressure (Invasive & non-invasive), Oxygen saturation, End tidal carbon dioxide, Temperature and Airway pressures.

The department is manned by well trained, energetic and friendly faculty who constantly keep themselves updated in newer aspects and guide the students in various research activities. Regular Teaching programs are  being conducted for undergraduate and postgraduates. The postgraduate academic activity is blended with their clinical posting in the respective operation theatres. the academic program is in accordance with the university syllabus and MCI guidelines.they  consist of a seminar, journal club and interesting case presentation, one per week. Lectures by the consultants will be alternating with case presentations. The post graduates are also trained in advanced procedures like thoracic epidural, peripheral nerve blocks,  difficult airway management, ventilator and circulatory management apart from routine anesthesia management. They  also get good exposure in anesthesia sub-specialties like cardiac anesthesia, neuro anesthesia, paediatric anesthesia, critical care and pain management.

The department has conducted various conference, C.M.E.'s and workshop in the field of anesthesia. Apart from central library, 80 latest books on anesthesia, critical care, pain management and various other topics are available in the department for ready reference and is regularly updated and new titles are added every year.

Our Vision

  • To combine academic training, research and humane approach for patient’s care
  • To provide basic knowledge of anaesthesia for undergraduates
  • To thoroughly train the post graduate residents in field of anaesthesiology.

Our Mission

  • To deliver highest quality  peri-operative care to all the surgical patients
  • To carry out innovative re search on current and emerging anaesthesia
  • To ensure safe anaesthesia for all
  • To produce knowledgeable and skillful  anaesthesiologists

Objectives of the Department

  • To teach and develop the students in all fronts i.e cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain.
  • To be able to demonstrate familiarity with diagnostic skills.
  • To update knowledge and adapt therapeutic procedures
  • To manage administration of anaesthesia to patients of all grades of asa.
  • To train the students on ethics and medico legal aspects.


Accredited by NAAC

Recognised by MCI

Pre Accredited by NABH

Accredited by TMC

UGC Recognised