Department of Psychiatry


Department of Psychiatry | Overview

The Department of Psychiatry came into existence in 1996. The department is located in the Hospital building. We have all the required infra-structure, staff and space as per norms laid down by MCI for conducting UG Courses – 100 Students.


  • To provide psychiatric care to community in terms of awareness, screening, diagnosis, treatment , rehabilitation and prevention of psychiatric disorders
  • To be a centre of excellence in training medical professionals in psychiatry, patient care and quality research in the field of mental health.


  • Conduct research that deepens our understanding of the development, pathophysiology, and prevention of psychiatric illness.
  • Provide outstanding mental health education and multidisciplinary training to the next generation of healthcare providers and investigators
  • Goals and Objectives
  • The aim of teaching undergraduate student in psychiatry is to impart such knowledge skills that may enable a student to diagnose and treat common psychiatric disorders, handle psychiatric emergencies and to refer cases for comprehensive management under specialists care whenever necessary.
  • To plan and develop community psychiatric services in collaboration with department of community medicine.
  • To do quality research in clinical psychiatry and participate in research in basic neurosciences in collaboration with other disciplines.
  • Provide high quality training in psychiatry and mental health.
  • Espouse and impact the virtues of professional ethics and moral standards in training , research and practice.
  • Promote evidence based health care provision.
  • Promote creative and inventive research for the benefit of mankind.
  • Nurture responsible professionalism through a culture of mentorship.

Services Provided

  • Out Patient Department & Special clinics
  • In Patient Department
  • Psychological assessments and Psychotherapies
  • Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
  • Emergency Psychiatry 
  • Community Psychiatry 
  • Teaching Facilities


Accredited by NAAC

Recognised by MCI

Pre Accredited by NABH

Accredited by TMC

UGC Recognised