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Forensic Medicine
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Department of Forensic Medicine

The department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is well equipped with spacious laboratory and demonstration hall. There are 32 microscopes for students use for doing slide preparation and examination and 60 wet specimens. Osteological unit with bone sets, museum for weapons, snakes and toxicological specimens along with fetuses and radiological examination unit for X-ray viewing for age estimation are also available.

There is a full fledged library. Mortuary for medio legal cases has freezers. 

Conferences, CME programmes (In 2008 – 2009 & 2011 – 2012) and Research activities (Lip print, Finger print) are carried out.

Areas of Training

  • Impart knowledge of legal procedure
  • Obligation code of conduct and duties of medical practitioner in conduction of his profession.
  • Assessment of injuries
  • Witnessing the post mortem procedures and viscera packing/preservation.
  • Effect and treatment of medico legal importance of poisons.
  • Medico legal documentation of injuries/sexual offences.
  • Assessment of age of indivdual from dentition/ x-rays
  • Establishment of identify from various dates.


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